Unit Dose Packaging & Blister Packaging is becoming more popular in today’s industries. You may be wondering what unit dose packaging & blister packaging is and why it is so important and beneficial to the patients . Unit dose packaging is a type of blister packaging that is most common in the pharmaceutical world. Think about when you have to take a pill or a tablet, they are usually wrapped individually in plastic. The plastic is thick on one side and then has foil on the other, you use your finger to pop the pill through the foil. That is the most popular type of unit dose packaging; However,  it is becoming more and more popular in other industries and other ways of using unit dose packaging & blister packaging.

When people hear unit dose packaging & blister packaging they might think of “push through pack”, which is referring to pharmaceutical blister packs. Pharmaceutical companies use push through packs to pack samples of medications for doctors to give to their patients. Chances are, you have been to the doctor and you have received a sample pack of medication.

There are many benefits to using unit dose packaging & blister packaging. More than 30 million Americans are taking five or more maintenance medications daily, however, approximately 50% of these patients aren’t taking their medications as prescribed.[i] This practice costs the U.S. over $130B a year in avoidable costs. By placing patients on multimed blister card to manage their medications, pharmacists can help improve adherence to a medication regimen, which in turn reduces costly emergency room visits and unnecessary doctor’s appointments.[ii]

Unit dose packaging preserves the self-life and quality of the product. It also provides long-term care for unit dose packaging. Unit dose packaging & blister packaging helps to prevent harsh elements from contaminating the product. Unit dose packaging, if done right, keeps out moisture, contaminants and helps protect against extreme temperatures. It is a pro to the consumer, because they know how many they are taking and do not get confused on which pill they should take.

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