Services We Provide

Prescription Drugs

We can help with your prescription needs. We provide complete pharmacy solutions for compounding pharmacy, specialty medications, dose packaging for senior care, and immunization services.

Making the switch to Saf-T Drugs Pharmacy is free and easy. Simply visit our pharmacy or have your doctor sends us your prescription information using: ePrescription, Fax it to 1-847-749-1354, or call us at 1-847-749-0048.

We offer free counseling services. 

Specialty Medications

Specialty drugs are high-cost prescription medications for complex treatments, and chronic conditions like cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. Saf-T Drugs Pharmacy can handle different shipping needs, like refrigeration, as well as help dispense your medication with injection or infusion.  Do you take specialty medication for a chronic condition?  Need help with taking your medication on time?

Saf- T Drugs Pharmacy can help you get started with specialty medications. Call us now at 847-749-0048.

Custom Dose Packaging

Do you have a hard time remembering to take your medication? Are you often losing track of your daily dose?

We can pre-package your medications in a unit dose package. The pre-packaged pills make it easy to quickly pinpoint if you or your loved one has taken their medications. Each package has a label with numbers that correspond with the day of the month.

Saf-T Drugs can help you remember to take your daily dose!


Saf- T Drugs Pharmacy offers hassle-free preventative vaccines. Visit us at your convenience for health advice: 

  • International travel immunizations
  • Pet vaccinations
  • Workplace flu shot vaccination

We accept walk-ins and appointments, call now our certified immunization pharmacist: 847-749-0048


Our compounding pharmacy can reformulate your medicine from solid to liquid, remove allergenic components, make it injectable, add soft texture, prepare a unique dosage, or even add your favorite flavor. Saf-T Drugs is a convenient and certified compounding pharmacy ready to prepare your unique prescription medication.

Call us now to prepare your unique medication at 847-749-0048

Pharmacist Consulting

Our certified consultant pharmacists are experts on medication therapy management. Pharmacists are always available to take your calls to check and manage your personalized medication regimen. We can come to you whether you are in a live-in community, your group home, or at your long-term care facility.

Consultants are ready to recommend you on the appropriate, effective, and safe use of your unique medication.