Our Story

Who are we and what is our goal?

We are a team of dedicated pharmacists who are passionate about making a difference in your healthcare. People have asked us how we plan on accomplishing this and it is very simple. We plan on making a true connection with our patients and focusing on their individual care vs. what is typically experienced at large chains. We enjoy spending time, listening, and understanding what is important to you the patient. We work together with your healthcare providers and you to create healthcare solutions and focus on our patients. As a team we follow thru on it. SAF- T Drugs was started with the concept in mind, “Create a Difference.” After two decades of combined experience at hospital, compounding, and retail pharmacies we are doing what we enjoy and integrating it in by personalizing the patient care experience that lacks from those large chains and we are starting to create a difference for our patients.

Our branded and generic prescription prices are super competitive and we accept all major insurances

Our Beliefs and Core Values

Our service was designed keeping our patients in mind and we will continue to listen to our patients in order to create new services. We know you have many choices when it comes to picking a pharmacy but don’t just give away your healthcare to just anyone or any pharmacy but make them earn it. We would love to earn and prove we want to help keep you and your loved ones stay healthy.


We're honest, trustworthy, & compassionate


Doing what is RIGHT for the patient


Create a DIFFERENCE for our patients

How can we benefit you?

Let’s be honest, you may have a busy schedule or sometimes healthcare just is not a top priority for everyone. We understand because we have seen this and we have experienced it ourselves with our friends and family. Whether you are having trouble keeping your medications organized or a parent trying to balance work and keeping your kids and yourself healthy we want to help by making it easier, simpler and healthier no matter what that situation maybe.

We focused on creating an experience that will benefit you and your family; whether it is as simple as delivering your medications, dose packaging the medications to aid in organization, or compounding a medications that is not commercially available for our patients needs. We understand the challenges that patients can face today to stay healthy, but together we can overcome these obstacles.

Stay healthy with us, we covered all your pharmacy needs!

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