Prescription Drugs

Affordable drug medications handled by expert consultant pharmacists, convenient packaging, and fast delivery. 

We offer complete pharmacy solutions for regular medication, compounding pharmacy, specialty medication, a variety of dose packaging for senior care, emergency deliveries, pet vaccines, and convenient immunization services. Our specialty is to offer you a comprehensive pharmacy care program. We want to help you to stick to your medication regimen and complete a successful treatment outcome. Our prescription drugs are conveniently pre-packaged for easy daily tracking using “medical adherence packaging.” Medical adherence packaging can visibly organize multiple treatments in an easy-to-follow layout that provides instant visual reinforcement for each day and time.


We accept most insurance providers for your prescription needs. Please call us at 847-749-0048 to help you to figure out your coverage. We are open to help you complete any paperwork for requesting discounts from pharmaceutical companies. And we are open to work within your budget.

Medication with No Insurance

We are a team of pharmacists happy to work with you and your budget. As pharmacists, we know of the high costs of treatment medication. Call us now at 847-749-0048 and talk to us, so we can work a deal to help you in your moment of need.

How To Start

New Prescription

Fill your new prescription at our store with your paper prescription, or ask your doctor to use ePrescriptions, or call us at 847-749-0048.

Prescription Transfer

Please visit or call us at 847-749-0048 with the following information from your current pharmacy, or click TRANSFER.

  • Pharmacy name
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  • Prescription information

Prescription Refill

Please visit us, or call us, or just click REFILL.