Custom Dose Packaging

You can afford custom drug medication packaging!    It is convenient and an incredible value.

Our prescription drugs are available in convenient pre-packaged blister packs for easy tracking every day, every week, and every month. Saf-T Drugs uses “medical adherence packaging” to keep you and your loved ones, on top of your medication regimen. Medical adherence packaging can visibly organize multiple treatments in an easy-to-follow layout that provides instant visual reinforcement for each time of every day.

Medication Adherence Services

Consultant Pharmacists can manage your treatment with our Medical Adherence Service. The Adherence service provides you with specialty medication packaging, reminder calls, check your progress, clinical education, special regimens, and counseling services.

  • Easy tracking of time and day for multiple medications
  • Visual reinforcement 
  • Each package has a label with numbers that correspond with the day of the month
  • No wasted time filling and organizing your own pill box
  • Includes pre-packaging your medications and even over-the-counter medications (like vitamins, calcium, iron, etc)

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